ADVICE: You are a Bad Lover... So Change!

Gentlemen, if you are looking for a foreign wife, whether from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, India, Ukraine, or elsewhere, you need to know that your ways are not always her ways. Especially in the arena of making love.

For instance, men in a variety of countries are internationally considered bad lovers for their sexual loving ways in survey after survey. While women in their own country may like these complained-about ways of love, a foreign spouse many not, so be prepared and change your ways to what she likes before she complains. Nobody wants to hear complaints in the bedroom. So to help you, here is the list:

Worst Lovers by Country:

  1. Germany (Too Smelly)
  2. England (Too Lazy)
  3. Switzerland (Too Quick)
  4. Holland (Too Dominating)
  5. America (Too Rough)
  6. Greece (Too Soppy/Lovey-Dovey)
  7. Scotland (Too Loud)
  8. Turkey (Too Sweaty)
  9. Wales (Too Selfish)
  10. Russian (Too hairy)

So before you decide to date a foreign woman, take a soapy bath, work hard, take your time, get her input, but soft, slow, & gentle, don't get too emotional, be quiet, wear deodorant but not cologne, consider her needs, and shave. Because if you want to make her happy, you need to make sure that it is all about her!