1. Your wife will need a new exam beyond the one she had to get her K3 Visa in GuangZhou, China. You can also find a list of USCIS civil surgeons in your area at https://egov.uscis.gov/crisgwi/go?action=offices.type&OfficeLocator.office_type=CIV.
  2. You need both I-797 and I-797c for the I-130 receipt notice
  3. Emails and letter that you exchanged with your wife  should prove that you are married to each other . The letters should have content showing love, care and trust that you guys have in each other . Do you have any life insurance, car insurance, bank statements wherein both you and wife are joint holders? Such documents could suffice as well. In absence of either, you will have to get notarized statements by family and friends who were witness to the wedding . They will need to FedEx it to you in case they can’t send it to you via email.
  4. You need your bank statements for last 12 months and Pay stubs for at least the last 60 days.

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