Finally, Starting the Adjustment of Status!

Moving to a temporary home, finding a "permanent" home, losing a job, etc. all delayed adjusting the status on my wife's K3 visa (the process to get her permanent resident status, green card, travel voucher, social security card, etc.). Now, we have finally started the process. On presidents Day, I was off work, so we made our appointment with our new attorney and she gave us forms to fill out for the G-325As and 485. This lawyer is local, so she will even go to our interviews with us. A much more full-service lawyer than my last attorney (and we are paying for it!)

What you need, is basically everything you ever got before. All the G-325A info, but updated from when you first fill these out years ago when you started the process. For us, that is almost 3 years ago! Then you will need the last 3 years' tax forms including W-2s, any divorce decrees either of you ever had, your marriage certificate, birth certificate for you, her, and any kids you have together, your passports, drivers licences, and any other government identifications you have, hers and your addresses, schools, and places of employment for the last 10 years, proof of ongoing relationship such as pictures, leases and titles with both of your names on it, etc. (and if any of these things are in Chinese, they need to be translated and notarized!).

Then your lawyer has one of her paralegals copy every page of the above and notarize everything copied for you. You probably have over 100 pages! With this, the attorney can get the papers filled out and ready and will call you for signatures.

This is step one of many, and make sure you have the $1070 government fees ready, too!

(to be continued!)

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