Stupid stuff you will have to put up with or argue about...

For those unaware, on August 27 2010, my son, Daniel ZiJun Stanosheck was born at 3:40am. Here is a picture of him.
Nicholas Colin, YanFei Liu, Daniel ZiJun, and Raven Anastasia STANOSHECK
The very Chinese friends that helped your wife stay sane when she moved to America, may be the source of your insanity after your baby is born. Do not get me wrong, they are very helpful with making foods to help promote breast milk production, healing, etc., but the Chinese superstitions on babies and postpartum mothers will drive you crazy!

For instance, one Chinese lady insisted my wife should take Calcium, which gave my wife and son painful constipation. Thankfully my wife did not abide by no teeth brushing, hair washing, showering, or getting out of bed for a full month. These are based an the water in old China being so bad. But now they think these things will make them look very old and have health problems when they are old.

All these beliefs have been debunked, but the Chinese ladies who are your wife's friends will insist she must do these things, and most Chinese women will listen to her fellow Chinese friends over you. Thankfully, Fei was made to walk in the hospital, and does a little at home, and broke down and brushed her teeth at 1 week, washed her hair at 2 weeks, and showered at 3 weeks. But still, no fans are allowed near her or my son, and both always have to wear a hat.

I just want to warn you men about the tip of the iceberg you will experience if she has your baby here in America. Happy parenting!