ADVICE: What if you lose your job? What if she gets pregnant?

One man I know lost his job so he cannot begin the immigration process to bring his wife to America. Well, the immigration process stalls if you lose your job once she comes to America too. You need all the same documents for the adjustment of status & green card that you gathered to get her a K1 or K3 visa. That is where we currently are. Waiting for me to have worked for 6 months for us to apply for her adjustment of status and green card.

And what if she gets pregnant at this time? Well, she cannot get public services as she is not a citizen or even a permanent citizen yet, so there is a loophole. C-CHIP, known by other names in other states. Thankfully a friend of mine who had married a Chinese woman back in 2006 told me about this. It does not actually cover your wife, but instead covers your unborn child, covering all prenatal visits. 

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