ADVICE: 5 More Pieces of Advice

  1. She will feed you and feed you, even when you say you are full. The best way to stop this is to do the same to her. Put food in her bowl after she says she is full, and then she will understand she should stop when you are full too. I gained about 10kg in China until I learned this.

  2. That said, you cannot stop her mother, and you should simply eat whatever she gives you until you can get away from the table or convince her that you are done.

  3. If your fianceé uses the phone when you do not think it is appropriate, simply turn off your phone and ask her to turn off the phone at those times. Unless she needs to have it on for work purposes, she will have no problem complying.

  4. Be real. Do not just try to put on a good impression, but be the real you. This is an international relationship, and you should let her know how you really are. After all, the goal is to find someone that you are compatible with. False faces will only cause you misery and heart ache down the line.

  5. If you get sick, you will get a very different treatment than you are used to in the West. Just listen to your wife and do as she says, no matter how much it goes against your Western sensibilities and sense of comfort. Both you and she will be much happier if you do.
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