ADVICE: Patience is the most important virtue in a relationship

So you are interested in a relationship or are getting married with a woman from another country? Patience is required.

Sure, you are going to have to register on a reputable web site like ChnLove (China, Hong Kongese, Taiwanese, etc.), iDateAsia (Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc.), or  Charming Date (Russian, Ukrainian, etc.) and pay for letters to be translated, spend 10's of thousands of dollars, you are going to have to fill out thousands of sheets of paperwork, will have to travel to her country 4 or 5 times a year for 2-3 weeks each time, and will likely have to wait a year after you marry to get her home, but what about her?

She has to leave her home country, leave her family, leave her friends, leave her culture. She has to learn a new language, learn a new culture, possibly learn a new religion and moral code, make new friends, learn a new eating style, abandon her lifelong citizenship for a new citizenship and all of the process that entails, etc..

As hard as it is for you, it is 100 times harder for her. She is making a huge sacrifice for you, and you better remember it. Sure, some guys have moved to another country and left the sacrifices themselves, but most guys could never do it.

So appreciate what your lady has done, it most likely is something that you could not do yourself.