Interview Day!

So today was the interview day. We got dressed in our "Sunday Best" and headed for the USCIS office in Irving, Texas. Our attorney had an emergency and had to send the other attorney from the Law Offices of Sherin Thawer, P.C., Ms. Mariola Michalska. Interestingly enough she is of a mixes Russian & Polish background like me. Unfortunately that meant she was late. There was some miscommunication on whether we should wait outside or if we could wait inside but just not go upstairs. The tardiness, it appears, is not an issue, as long as your lawyer is with you.

Our lawyer gave the adjudicator an odd look when he came out, and I thought this was bad news. But as we walked in, she whispered to me that he was very nice. Once in the room, our son, Daniel, went to our lawyer, who held him. We all held up our right hands and swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but. The adjudicator had a few questions just confirming the paperwork we had sent in. There was already a I-130 on file from when we filed for herto come over, so the adjudicator said this would be confirming she wasnot a criminal, that we were truly living together, etc.

He asked why it took 2 years from the marriage to apply for the Adjustment of Status and I explained the reasons. He understood and actually said it made it simpler and easier for both us and him, especially with us having a child together. The only document he collected and made a copy of was the original of our son's birth certificate. They asked about my wife ever getting government assistance, and that was the only question not on our list. Otherwise he asked address, how many times my wife had been to America, if she had ever been arrested, her birthday, my prior marriage and divorce, when we got married, if she had ever been deported, used false documents, etc..

The Adjustment of status interview passed, he said the document should be approved tonight, and in about 2 weeks we should get her true green card, showing her new status as a permanent status of the United States of America, but if it does not arrive in 1 month to have our lawyer come in for a status update. He also told us we should not get my wife her Social Security card on her Employment Authorization Card, as it will cause more work for us, having to update with them when we get the green card showing her permanent residency status.

After the appointment, we went to Super-H Mart where my son danced to K-Pop while sitting in the shopping cart, just like he always does there when we are near the karaoke machine. A good day!

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Preparing for the interview...

Our lawyer has had us practice with questions she has sent us and also had us come to the office and practice the questions. My wife and I may be questioned together, or apart. We were instructed to bring our son, and not to enter until our lawyer is there, as she will be able to come in to thge interview with us. She also will have all the documents, so we do not need to bring anything. In 2 weeks we have our interview, and if everything goes well, withing about 2 business days we should get the decision on my wife's permanent residency and 10-year green card. That morning, before the interview, we will go get her social security card. Those that pray, I would ask your prayers for us.

ayu-mi-x 7 -LIMITED COMPLETE BOX SET- (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)