...and a few more things...

...and then after you gather all those documents, you will need to gather

  1. I-130 receipt notice
  2. Latest Bank Statements
  3. Proof of wedding apart from photos and marriage cert: like emails, letters exchanged or notarized affidavits from relatives, friends present at wedding ceremony or by both the parties
  4. Latest pay stubs for the last 6 month to one year and employment verification letter
  5. Original and sealed medical exam
  6. 6 color photos as per US Visa requirements found at http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/info/info_1287.html
  7. Cashier’s cheque for $1070.00 made out to the ‘US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY’

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Finally, Starting the Adjustment of Status!

Moving to a temporary home, finding a "permanent" home, losing a job, etc. all delayed adjusting the status on my wife's K3 visa (the process to get her permanent resident status, green card, travel voucher, social security card, etc.). Now, we have finally started the process. On presidents Day, I was off work, so we made our appointment with our new attorney and she gave us forms to fill out for the G-325As and 485. This lawyer is local, so she will even go to our interviews with us. A much more full-service lawyer than my last attorney (and we are paying for it!)

What you need, is basically everything you ever got before. All the G-325A info, but updated from when you first fill these out years ago when you started the process. For us, that is almost 3 years ago! Then you will need the last 3 years' tax forms including W-2s, any divorce decrees either of you ever had, your marriage certificate, birth certificate for you, her, and any kids you have together, your passports, drivers licences, and any other government identifications you have, hers and your addresses, schools, and places of employment for the last 10 years, proof of ongoing relationship such as pictures, leases and titles with both of your names on it, etc. (and if any of these things are in Chinese, they need to be translated and notarized!).

Then your lawyer has one of her paralegals copy every page of the above and notarize everything copied for you. You probably have over 100 pages! With this, the attorney can get the papers filled out and ready and will call you for signatures.

This is step one of many, and make sure you have the $1070 government fees ready, too!

(to be continued!)


Regular Updates Coming Soon...

Sorry this blog has not had many posts lately. We have begun the adjustment of status process, however my attorney is having last trimester complications that is making her stop all work, so we are in the process of getting a new attorney and I will start posting all about it soon. The excitement resumes!


Stop US Immigration from splitting up families

Families like Annie and Alex Conrad are separated by arbitrary and unfair actions on the part of US Immigration.

Annie moved to the US from China last spring, and had her green card application in process. Everything was going along fine, when an emergency necessitated her return to China to bring her daughter Ella from a previous marriage to the US earlier than planned. Since Annie's green card was in process, she filed paperwork as required to depart and return to the US.

Annie made arrangements to enroll Ella in school, on Orcas Island, for the start of the new year. Her future classmates and the Orcas community were eager to welcome a new 7th grader to the community. Annie then flew to China to bring her daughter home. They travelled to Guangzhou, China, where the US consulate was to issue travel documents and the visa for Ella based on Annie's status in the US.

That was six months ago. Ella did indeed have a US visa waiting for her at the US Consulate.

Annie, on the other hand, had nothing. No travel documents, no explanation and no way to return to her home and her husband in the US. Despite multiple assurances from US immigration officers that her travel documentation would be processed, nothing happened. Immigration officers communicated dates by which this could be processed....one deadline passed, many deadlines passed and then with only three weeks until the expiration of Ella's visa on February 13, Annie received a letter of denial. The letter includes an order to depart the US within 30 days. That would be quite a feat, given that the US would not let her back into the country.

Successful US born entrepreneurs like Alex, the CEO of a start-up company and mentor to many at Seattle University have been repeatedly misled by misguided bureaucrats and spousal re-entry to the US denied.

Ask President Obama to reunite Alex and Annie Conrad and their family at http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-us-immigration-from-splitting-up-families

Here is the letter that will be sent:


Annie Conrad's Return to US has been denied ~ PLEASE HELP!

A family has been separated by the US Immigration authorities. Honest, hard working people who love each other and their family. You can help them and others like them by asking President Obama and Congressman Larsen to review the details of the case and make a fair decision in this and other cases like it.

You've got to know Alex, letter of the law guy. Therefore, before Annie left, all documentation was filed for her return. So what happened? All I know is that Alex was sent on an incredible roller-coaster bureaucratic journey starting in September (when Annie was not able to return to the US as scheduled). This theatre of the absurd took many turns, including requiring Alex to again prove his ‘legal status in the US’ as recently as 27 December.

Worried about Ella’s 13 February visa expiration date, he contacted Congressman Larsen for help, only to receive a letter from USCIS Director Robert Cowan yesterday. Re-entry for Annie denied. Find out more about Robert Cowan of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and what others say about his history of prejudice and discrimination here: http://julian1st.wordpress.com/2008/06/10/immigrationpending-lawsuits-for-discrimination-rights-violations-negligence-wrong-doing-fbi-complaints-to-be-filed/

I read the letter from Robert Cowan and both the justification & reasoning for the denial are a confused recitation of form numbers and regulations, which fly in the face of logic. The refusal directly contradicts multiple affirmations of Mr. Cowan’s own staff of senior immigration officers over the last six months! The real kicker is: No appeal allowed. And had it not been for congressman Larson the letter might have taken another 30 days to reach Alex.

This kind of bureaucratic red tape is costly--to the taxpayer and to the families it keeps apart--and should be stopped.

Take a moment to ask our officials to intervene.

Thank you.