HUMOUR: "Why Chinese Girlfriends Are Superior" Written by a Chinese Tiger Girlfriend

A lot of foreign girlfriends I meet wonder how Chinese girlfriends have such doting boyfriends. They wonder about the dynamics of these relationships that produce boyfriends who are attentive, adoring, and even willing to do all household chores. Often, these foreign girlfriends wonder whether they will be able to have such boyfriends too. Well, I can tell you that anyone can be a Chinese girlfriend, if you are able to enforce some basic rules. Here are some of the things my boyfriend is required to do:
  • carry my purse in public
  • not complain about carrying my purse in public
  • text me his coordinates every hour outside of school/work hours
  • spend the weekend with me (except in special circumstances)
  • befriend only married female classmates/colleagues
  • cook exquisite meals
  • buy me a thoughtful present every month
  • coax me into forgiving him when he makes a mistake

Foreign girlfriends care too much about respecting their boyfriends’ individuality. By contrast, Chinese girlfriends believe that the best way to nurture a relationship is by stripping their boyfriends of individuality, so that existence as a couple – complete with its many rules and expectations — is the only existence these men will know, and be able to survive in.

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