ADVICE: Transitions (for her) Can Be Harder than Expected

A Chinese spouse moving to America has some huge transitions to make. They need to speak a language other than the one they usually use, they have no friends, and they do not know how to get things they are used to buying. How can you help?

I have found that a local Chinese Church is extremely helpful. Even if she is not a Christian, she will be welcomed and taught about the faith. We found one and my wife has made some great lifetime friends, and through talking to them in her native tongue, she decided to be Baptized.

So whether you, or your wife are Christians, or even if not, our experience is that you will be welcomed, whether you are seeking or not, and you will have found a fount of information so vast and strong that it will help your secular needs, as well as any spiritual needs needing to be quenched. We have gotten great advice on Chinese-speaking doctors, stores with the special foods that a Chinese person may want, and great recipe exchanges, among other things.

So much so that my wife wanted me to blog about this for anyone looking to bring their Chinese spouse abroad.

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