To wed: For yourself or your parents?

I found the following article from Xinhua interesting, as it shows not only foreigners have a hard time understanding all the Chinese Wedding traditions! :-)

To virtually all Chinese parents, a traditional wedding with a formal banquet as visibly grand as possible is not only an announcement that their children have grown up - but also a way to show dignity.

For most young couples, however, the whole process is boring and tiring - they would rather spend the money on something they want, say travel. Many want a unique wedding just for themselves, not for others.

Achieving that special personal wedding, one that doesn't set you back financially for many years, is like a mission impossible.

The generational conflict over a wedding - the once-in-a-life event - is very complicated indeed.

Struggles, resistance, compromise, capitulation - they're all part of the Chinese marriage scene today.

More at http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-06/29/content_8457061.htm

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